Flying Dragon Citrus Nursery specializes in many varieties of citrus trees which grow well on flying dragon rootstock, this root stock has been grown for many years in the colder area of Japan where there are smaller yards and a need for cold hardy citrus material. It is new to florida, because there has never been any attempt by citrus growers to produce a tree suitable for home owners in the colder sections Northern Florida.

These trees are suitable to a wide variety of soil types and will grow well on fertile, sandy to loamy soils, making it ideal for home planting.

They will produce a remarkable volume of fruit for the size of the tree. The quality of the fruit is excellent, with high sugar and acid levels in a thin skin.

The cold hardiness comes from the long (3 to 4 months) dormant period the trees go into during the winter months (generally December through March). When dormant they can withstand temperatures below 20 degrees, however they must be in good healthy condition and have been well watered during the winter months.